Bonus Point aims to provide teachers with an easy way to track bonus points or other forms of in-class currency for their students.

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If you have any issues or suggestions, feel free to contact us.
Bonus Point is super easy to use. Get rid of all your broken pencils and crumpled notepads, Bonus Point can track all your students and classes in a single panel. Before using Bonus Point, follow these three easy steps to get started.

  • Register - Sign up and create your account.
  • Create a Class - Add a class via your main dashboard to start adding students and points.
  • Add Students - Enter in a name to use for your student and begin giving them points

All students and points are safely secured in our database. If for any reason you assume that your data has been breached, contact us immediately. Because we want to keep names protected, we have setup a simple, but secure, process for finding points and classes.

  • ID - Listed next to the name of a class on your panel will be an ID. This ID will allow you and your students access to viewing a class.
  • Find a Class - To view a class, simple navigate to the "Find a Class" page, enter the ID of the class you wish to view, and click submit.

Find a Class
Bonus Point was created so that any teacher, no matter the size of their class, could find us useful. Nowadays, almost any service costs money, but Bonus Point strives to give a free alternative to anyone who cannot afford paid sites or programs that will track points, classes, and students.

However, it does cost for us to keep our services up and running every single day, so if you wish to donate to keep the site live, everyone at Bonus Point thanks you greatly.

Database Secure

Uptime 99%

Price Free

Classes 100+

Students 250+